Dominoes: Tips and Strategy

Dominoes: Tips and Strategy, Domino is a relatively simple game, but there are several general domino strategies that need to be remembered while playing.

The strategy below applies mainly to draw dominoes and block dominoes, which are the most common and basic domino games for many variations of other games. LIVE DRAW SGP

Play double earlier
Get rid of your double as soon as possible. Easily stuck with a double because you don’t have many opportunities to play it.

Play Domino is worth the higher value
Try to play high-value dominoes as soon as possible. That way, even if your opponent won the round, hopefully they will not score too much points.

Open your option
Try to keep at least one of each number in your hand as long as you can. This will help you not to get caught up in a position that cannot be played. LIVE DRAW SDY

Dominoes: Tips and Strategy

Identify the weakness of your opponents
When your opponent must pass or draw from Boneyyard, make a mental note about the number or number they don’t have. You can use this information to try blocking it later. LIVE HONGKONG

Determine your opponent’s tile
Pay attention to which domino has been played. By looking at the dominoes that have been played, plus the domino you have in your hand, you can often determine which domino is your opponent. This is especially true in the round when most of the dominoes have been played. You can use this information to block your opponents.