DOMINOES STRATEGY: HOW TO MASTER THE GAME, You might not think of a very competitive domino game, but you will be wrong. Universal Domino League (UDL) is a professional tournament with some serious gift money to be contested.

In 2019, UDL offered $ 50,000 in cash for the winner of the classic Domino classic tournament Las Vegas.

You may not aspire to be a professional domino player, but even if you play online or fight friends, knowing a good domino strategy will help you win more games.

Learning how to play dominoes is an easy part. Finding out the victory strategy is what will improve your game to the point that you can win more than missing.

Let’s look at some strategies that can help you hit the top rating board in your game.

General Domino Strategy
This general domino strategy will work for almost all types of dominoes and easy to follow, even if you are new in the game. RESULT TOGEL You may need to consciously think about it at first but it won’t be long before becoming a second nature.

Play double earlier. Double tiles do not advance the game because they leave the same hook available as the tiles they connect. For example, if you put a double tile 5 on hook 5, you still need 5 to connect there. Double can be a high principal tile. For that reason, it’s good to get rid of them early so you don’t submit the points to your opponents when they score.

Use double strategically. This is a counter to one of the basic domino strategies but if you are willing to take a little risk, it can be useful to maintain your double until later in the game. After you are far enough into the game to have a great idea about where your opponent’s weakness is, you will know what they are most removed. If you have a double, you can play it to open the board and your opponent will not be able to bury it.


Play the tiles that are heavier early. Along the same line by playing your double earlier, you also have to play tiles that are heavier as soon as possible. PREDIKSI WLA “More severe” tiles are those who have a higher number. Because this tile has a higher number, once again means more points will end up going to your opponent if they score goals.

Save a variety of tiles in your hands. Try to save various tiles in your hand so you can match as many numbers as possible. If all your tiles have similar settings, you will be stuck if it’s all available on the board.

Pay attention to the weak settings of your opponent. When the game takes place, pay attention to your opponent’s weaknesses. If they cannot play and must be interesting from Boneyyar, there are likely they will be in the same situation when the same number is available on the board again. This allows you to play strategically to block your opponents when scoring yourself.

Find out your opponent’s hand. As a game, you will be able to “reverse engineer” your opponent’s hand based on what tiles that have been played and what’s in your hands. It’s hard to do at the start of the match when there aren’t many tiles that are visible but because you can identify more tiles, it will become easier and easier. After you have a good idea about the tiles what your opponents are held, you can play according to them hanging.

Further Domino Game Strategy
After you have a general strategy, you can move to a more advanced technique. This is a strategy that takes you from a competent domino player to a very skilled player.

Take the initiative. Go on the initial violation in the game and play with the initiative. LIVE DRAW HK Go to print opportunities early and often. When you score a goal, your opponent will often have a number of options for the counter-score. If they have to be left behind in the next game, you will get another assessment opportunity. If you hold tiles with this, you can make walking from several scoring scores in a number of cases in many cases.

Play defensive. The other side of the coin from taking the initiative is a defensive play. This means finding ways to limit the opportunity to assess your opponents as much as you